A Mother’s Inferno

While enrolled in DADIU in the fall 2011 i participated in the production of A Mother’s Inferno.

I was the level designer on this 3D psychedelic first person train trip through hell featuring Hitler moons, giant bulls and copulating NPCs and had a lot of fun with the challenge of coming up with the train and the surroundings into which it gradually deteoriates through the course of the game. My work included cooperation with primarily the game’s art and game directors as well as a CG artist. I designed all the game’s environments, parts of its 3D assets as well as some textures.

The game was chosen for Indiecade’s 2012 E3 showcase and some dude on youtube even made a playthrough that hit 100K+ views at some point.

There is more information on the game’s official DADIU page. It also has the really cool and spooky-ass trailer, which for some reason does not play back in the gallery jquery plugin I use here. So go check it out!

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