This is the Internet home of Copenhagen-based game designer Jens Højlund Lauridsen.

I develop and optimise games, mainly for mobile. With 6+ years of professional experience I am specialized in things like:

  • Player engagement
  • UX and level design
  • Analytics
  • Any kind of game-centered data analysis
  • Game production
  • In addition to my design experience I have a solid technical background with experience mainly in C# and SQL.

    When I am not working, chances are you will catch me doing 2D art, designing interfaces or coding on random hobby projects (which you can check out on the portfolio page). Or playing chess, or traveling on a budget, or both.

    Anyway, check out my work examples here or visit my LinkedIn profile if you are looking for a CV.

    Want to get in touch? Feel free to tweet me (info over there --->) or drop me a line on fjahgo at gmail dot com.