Mapping and modding projects

Level Designer. Or mapper, if you will.

So I did a lot of level design (they used to call it 'mapping') for HL, CS, DOD and HL2 back in the day. A lot of the work now rests in a dusty, forgotten corner of the Internet, but among other things I created...

There was a time when the amount of Internet CS 1.1 servers running this map was counted in the half-dozens. This by far makes cs_nabokrig my greatest multiplayer achievement. But hey, with a whopping 15 minutes spent from idea to final compile who would have expected anything else?

A HL2DM map incorporating the prisoner's dilemma. The map is built up around an arena with two smaller areas around it. The safe room is in the centre of the arena and is blocked by a door that will only open once 1) the alarm is triggered and 2) two players are in front of it. The map features a lot of curves and circular structures and, having played Quake 3 on a daily basis while writing the bachelor thesis, bears some resemblance to The Edge (q2dm1) and Q3DM6.

dr_island and dr_warehouse
Two levels for Deep Resonance, a singleplayer mod for HL2. One of them an abandoned island base, the other a military storage facility with two warehouses. I was given rough directions for the layout of the maps, but otherwise had absolute freedom.

An unnamed map for HL2:Retaliation
I did another map for HL2: Retaliation, a mod that unfortunately never made release.

An unnamed map for Terminator: Apocalypse
That mod was probably the best idea ever. Who could turn down the opportunity to create a map that would have terminators walking around on it? Not me, that is for sure.