Human Tetris

Programmer, Game Designer

Human Tetris is the product of a 3rd semester Medialogy project. The game is a computer game adaptation of a Japanese gameshow, the name of which allegedly translated to something like Brain Wall, but which has become known to its YouTube audience as "Human Tetris".

We did our best to make the game fun in the same way that the tv show is - by making people look rediculous. Notable features therefore include impossible level design and a special 2 player mode featuring erotic postures. We succeeded in luring a girl and her mother into testing the adult edition at a showcase. And there was much rejoycing.

Apart from general game design I was responsible for programming the game's animations in C++ using the OpenCV library. Also working on it was Martin Graversen and Kenni Odelheim.

(We have yet to receive compensation from Microsoft for the Kinect's obvious copyright infringement of the supreme background subtraction used in this game.)